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Nexel Partners: Reshaping Businesses In The Age Of Digital Distribution.

Digital transformation is key to unlocking business potential in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment. Even as companies pour millions into digital transformation initiatives, a high percentage of those fail to pay off due to factors such as skill gaps, understanding customer expectations, reliance on extensive manual tasks, poor quality of data and business processes, and most importantly, culture change readiness.

Many factors come into play when companies embark on digital transformation. But optimal understanding of innovation and readiness to change are the two most overlooked ingredients and are critical in the must-win battle of digital transformation.

“We at NEXEL PARTNERS look at these old problems with new eyes, helping organizations elicit the intended results of digital results of digital transformation initiatives,” says Amir Sabry, managing partner, NEXEL PARTNERS.

We bridge the gaps in the readiness of organizational entities with our three-fold expertise – an in-depth business acumen, re-engineering of business fundamentals and handholding implementation of transformation programs. We do that by providing a range of services, including the design and implementation of business strategies, business and IT consulting, process improvement, data modeling and business architecture.

We leverage the breadth of our teams’ industry proficiency and technological expertise to deliver an affordable, world-class digital experience for our clientele in the MENA region.

An Agile Digital Transformation Partner:

NEXEL stands out from the pack in the MENA digital transformation space because we adhere to our fundamental approach of defining what, who, and how. ‘What’ is an organization’s vision, while ‘how’ is the process to accomplish it, and ‘who’ refers to who will implement it. We do not follow textbook methodologies but instead implement what is right for our client. We focus on making our clients fit for growth and we hold ourselves accountable to help clients fulfill their vision.

What makes NEXEL a go-to partner for clients among state-of-the-art consulting and technology companies is our people. Our team of expert business professionals possesses almost 15 years of hands-on industry experience acquired through long tenures in supply chain operations, sales, marketing, IT operations, shared services, accounting, and HR. NEXEL’s expert consultants were business managers in multinational organizations managing large transformation projects who also have a very deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies.

Igniting the Fuel of the Digital Transformation Engine:

When driving the change with our clients, we continuously focus on the core of the business. The areas we believe are in dire need of change to achieve digital transformation. We look at an organization’s value proposition and, from there, change core capabilities, business process models, master data, and existing technologies. NEXEL’s expert consultants reinvent the foundation of a business based on concrete data, fact-finding, process-based decision-making, and proven methodologies.

Illustrating the power of rebuilding the fundamentals is a case where NEXEL helped one of the largest retail distribution companies in the MENA region achieve digital transformation. The client was a distributor of FMCG products in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Bahrain, Iraq, and APAC, with each location adopting multiple sales operating models and technologies. The client needed to reinvent its overall sales operating model. NEXEL stepped in to unify its varied sales and trade promotion models. Its consultants redefined the power of fundamentals and standardized its customer hierarchy, sales processes, and state of the art SAP technologies. NEXEL further facilitated digital enablement for employees to effectively leverage digital technologies.

“We make disruptive technologies simple for our clients to adopt, helping them stay at the forefront of the digital transformation era.”

Substantiating the same is another example where NEXEL partnered with a client that needed to move its business from a brick-and-mortar model to an omni channel model. We insisted that this vision could only be achieved by changing core fundamentals in people skills, accounting processes, data architecture, logistics service mode, customer relationship culture, and company operating model before nose-diving into investing in a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform. We not only identified what needs to be changed but we did it with the client.

“We carve a niche in reverse-engineering our clients’ vision to create fundamental changes at the core to build a bright future,” adds Sabry.

Meeting the Digital Age from Strategy to Delivery:

Finally, NEXEL’s accountability and ownership of executing the transformation projects from start to finish. Lasting change takes time to implement, and we have the stamina to stay close to our clients in one-to-two-years programs.

Driven by the bottom-up approach, NEXEL’s business consultants work end-to-end with clients from the early stages of scoping and inception, development, realization, and implementation. We drive the change in both business and technology working together with the clients’ teams or with the external vendors until project completion.

At the heart of NEXEL’s string of success stories is its power of execution. A case in point was when NEXEL helped a client from Pakistan implement a new system for around 1,200 diversified field personnel.

Its expert consultants leveraged the entire digital collaboration stack of field personnel to roll out a new solution. The project started in March 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. We remotely executed the project from Saudi Arabia and Egypt within three months without needing to travel.

Successful project execution amid all the COVID constraints was due to rich business know-how of execution methodologies on project management, system implementation, architecture, testing, and training.

Another value proposition is NEXEL’s creation of disruptive business models for sales, manufacturing, transportation, and shared services. For instance, it is helping a high-end leisure and fine dining group to set up operations from scratch to opening and running 26 destinations run by 1,700 employees in less than a year.

“We make disruptive technologies simple for our clients to adopt, helping them stay at the forefront of the digital transformation era,” states Sherif Yassin, partner, NEXEL PARTNERS.

One of the drivers propelling NEXEL’s innovation in the future is its implementation of the quartet of technologies: AI, Big Data, Cloud, and Data Management. Part of changing the core is making huge strides in cloud adoption. We have helped several clients move their entire business applications and infrastructure to cloud environments of different providers, e.g. Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, SAP, and Nour Net. This can only happen if certain business fundamentals are changed, e.g., data model, process automation, shared services implementation, and adoption of optimum budgeting and chargeback models.

Additionally, NEXEL focuses on business innovation by implementing business process automation, AI and data analytics to take businesses to the next level. It also provides management advisory services, including organizational development, human resources management, and corporate launch and turnaround. It implements digital solutions across mobility, e-commerce, omni-channel experiences, big data analytics, ERP, CRM, shared service centers, and organizational design.

Driven by entrepreneurship and a strong sense of ownership, Sabry is pushing the envelope of NEXEL’s innovation to help businesses map strategies and navigate through digital transformation challenges. Doubling down on its three-fold core expertise and service excellence, NEXEL is the digital transformation specialist enabling clients in the MENA region to succeed in their digital transformation journeys.

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