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Case Studies.

Streamlining Operations: Transforming Shared Services for Efficiency

Nexel Partners Approach:

• Conducted a comprehensive assessment and strategy development for the shared service center covering six business areas: Finance, HR, IT, Procurement, Facility Management, and Customer Service.
• Ensured alignment with the ongoing Oracle upgrade by integrating the shared service center with the new business and operating model.
• Designed a new operating model for the Holding, SBUs, and Shared Services, defining detailed business processes for all functions in both Arabic and English languages (48 business processes).
• Developed a new organizational structure, manpower plan, and functional statements to support the shared service center’s operations.
• Defined and implemented SLAs between core business functions and shared services business units, ensuring clear transparency and accountability.
• Designed a cost structure (chargeback model) for new business units and established new support function policies, such as financial control, procurement, personnel, and administration.
• Implemented and rolled out the new operating model, providing training and support to the organization to facilitate the transition.
• Identified technology requirements for business function processes and trained all users on the new model, supporting its implementation.


• Achieved a significant reduction in back-office manpower, decreasing from 470 to 157 employees.
• Consolidated 150 services and standardized 48 business processes, improving efficiency and clarity across the organization.
• Streamlined operations with 650 system users and improved transparency and accountability through defined SLAs.
• Successfully implemented new support function policies and established a sustainable chargeback model for cost allocation.
• Enabled the organization to adapt to organizational changes and align with the ongoing Oracle upgrade, ensuring operational continuity and efficiency.