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Case Studies.

Safe Business Process Engineering and ERP Implementation



Nexel Partners Approach:

Process Re-engineering:
• Conducted a comprehensive assessment of Safe’s processes to identify gaps and inefficiencies before automation.
• Designed over 100 processes across core and supporting functions to streamline operations and improve cross-functional collaboration.
• Developed detailed business process designs up to level 3, ensuring clarity and precision in execution.
Process Automation – ERP Implementation:
• Conducted an initial analysis of Safe’s organization to determine technology needs and requirements for ERP implementation.
• Assisted in designing the Enterprise Architecture, considering various facets to ensure alignment with business objectives.
• Managed the entire sourcing exercise, from tendering to contracting, to select the most suitable ERP solutions while maximizing ROI.
• Led the digitization project for six different tracks, including Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, and Project Management.
• Provided ongoing support for ad-hoc tasks and requests to ensure a smooth transformation process and business continuity.

• Successfully implemented the ERP project, enabling Safe to modernize its operations and enhance efficiency.
• Achieved significant cost savings by negotiating licensing fees, saving over 70% during negotiations.
• Automated 65% of Safe’s business processes, reducing manual efforts and improving productivity.
• Streamlined operations and improved cross-functional collaboration through the design and implementation of over 100 optimized processes.
• Enabled Safe to leverage digital technologies effectively, driving digital transformation and positioning the company for future growth and success.