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Case Studies.

AlKhorayef Group Business Process Model Assessment & Digital Transformation Strategy

AlKhorayef Group

AlKhorayef Group

Nexel Partners Approach:

• Conducted a full digital maturity assessment across AlKhorayef Group’s subsidiaries and operating units, with the objective of developing a comprehensive digital transformation strategy and roadmap.
• Engaged with stakeholders from each company to understand industry-specific needs, objectives, and aspirations, ensuring alignment with organizational goals.
• Assessed the current supporting technology platforms, frameworks, and infrastructure to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
• Evaluated the maturity of business process models for every company, recognizing that this is a critical input for successful digitization efforts.
• Identified key operational gaps that needed to be addressed to enable successful digital transformation across the group.
• Built a digital transformation strategy tailored to AlKhorayef Group’s unique requirements and objectives, considering industry best practices and emerging technologies.
• Developed a comprehensive digital transformation master plan outlining key initiative, timelines, resource requirements, and success metrics to guide implementation efforts.

• Successfully conducted a full digital maturity assessment, providing valuable insights into AlKhorayef Group’s current state and areas for improvement.
• Gained a deep understanding of industry-specific needs, objectives, and aspirations across subsidiaries and operating units, ensuring alignment with organizational goals.
• Identified key operational gaps and developed targeted strategies to address them, laying the foundation for successful digital transformation.
• Built a robust digital transformation strategy and roadmap, providing a clear direction for AlKhorayef Group’s digital journey and ensuring alignment with business objectives.
• Developed a comprehensive digital transformation master plan, detailing key initiatives and timelines to guide implementation efforts and track progress over time.